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Physicality and art

A good day’s walk makes you feel like your heart has overflowed, that it cannot be contained by the physical confines of the body. It spills out into the trees and hills, it is carried in the wind, winds its way through the air-blown grass like a serpent, runs at your heels like a happy […]

Quantity and immediacy diminish enjoyment

Sunlit dune and East wind (4×5 paper negative) Just like anybody else, I am always dying to see the results of an exposure particularly when I have that intuitive feeling that the recently closed shutter has sealed something good or, dare I say, potentially perfect. And just like everybody, I have had my share of […]

Photographic Inspirations

A few months ago I posted a list of photographers I had found especially thought-provoking and, having discovered some really inspiring artists recently, now seems a good time to repeat the exercise. I have deliberately chosen photographers who do not use pinhole cameras as their primary means of image-making. To be too introspective in terms […]

More inspiration from music

Thanks to Sandy for the feedback about a previous post I made regarding a wonderful presentation by Benjamin Zander where many of the exciting ideas he expounds, I feel, can be applied to photography (and indeed any art). Here is a performance by musician Sxip Shirey which embodies all the passion and power with which […]

Inspiration from music

I have recently been through a period of fallow; a time when I have felt the need to read, listen and reflect; a time during which many thoughts, ideas and feelings have been almost perceptibly shaking down and clearing. I love this process of consideration and learning which takes place beyond the purely visual. It […]

She without arm, he without leg – poetry in motion

This clip, while nothing to do with photography or books, is to me the embodiment of everything I could strive or hope for in art of whatever form. It is the triumph of spirit and mind over matter, captured on video. For me it ranks amongst one of the most powerful – and beautiful, there […]