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Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Yesterday was a rather dismal WPPD here in England with heavy rain and light levels more associated with mid-Winter than mid-Spring, but it is always enjoyable to participate knowing that thousands of others are doing the same, some in groups, some alone. I have been mulling over a few ideas for weeks now on attempting […]

Anvil, Polaroid pinhole

New Polaroid Type 55

It is exciting and encouraging to see that type 55 instant film may once more be with us. The New 55 Project run by Bob Crowley is making great strides towards reproducing this sadly defunct film medium. What is more, initial tests are showing that it makes both a good print and an equally good […]

Totemic images

Crown Graphic, Xenar 135mm, Polaroid 55 4×5 Crown Graphic, Symmar 210mm, Polaroid 55 4×5 I felt so drawn to this frozen eddy of the River Monnow at the turn of the year. I kept returning, looking and watching and finally made two exposures from my last remaining box of Polaroid 55. Several days later in […]

Teasel – Polaroid 55

Sometimes it is enjoyable to take a lensed camera out as a contrast to the slowness of pinhole photography. I found this print on a shelf in my darkroom four years after exposing it and only then realised its aesthetic qualities, qualities hidden to me at the time. Although the exposure time may have been […]

Emma in hat

I can’t quite put my finger on the attraction of Polaroid borders but I love them with a passion. I suppose they are a reminder that the image really is an instantaneous snapshot of a fleeting moment and all the more valuable for this temporariness. Most of the great Polaroid photographs I have seen are […]

Emma with dandelion clock

Before launching into some pinhole work on a very precious box of Polaroid type 55, I thought I should test a couple of sheets which expired in 2002. To its credit it seems to have lost no film speed and still displays that wonderful tonality. The scan here is a rather poor rendition of a […]