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Physicality and art

A good day’s walk makes you feel like your heart has overflowed, that it cannot be contained by the physical confines of the body. It spills out into the trees and hills, it is carried in the wind, winds its way through the air-blown grass like a serpent, runs at your heels like a happy […]

Four days in the hills – unity and beauty, life and death

I am not a great believer in destiny. Synchronicity, however, I view quite differently. I set off for the Lakes with an ambitious route plan, a number of photographic ideas to explore and a rather conquering vision of what the journey would accomplish for me. Within minutes of boarding the train the careful plans started […]

Four days in the hills

I have enjoyed so many inspirations and experiences, some bordering on the life-changing, in just a few days in the wilderness that I find myself, several days after my return, still in a whirl of thoughts and emotions, trying to formulate them in my mind (difficult) and write them down in intelligible form (much harder). […]

Totemic images

Crown Graphic, Xenar 135mm, Polaroid 55 4×5 Crown Graphic, Symmar 210mm, Polaroid 55 4×5 I felt so drawn to this frozen eddy of the River Monnow at the turn of the year. I kept returning, looking and watching and finally made two exposures from my last remaining box of Polaroid 55. Several days later in […]

Teasel – Polaroid 55

Sometimes it is enjoyable to take a lensed camera out as a contrast to the slowness of pinhole photography. I found this print on a shelf in my darkroom four years after exposing it and only then realised its aesthetic qualities, qualities hidden to me at the time. Although the exposure time may have been […]

Offa’s Dyke III

Offa’s Dyke II

I feel slightly sheepish that I have had a few comments about my “pinholes” of Offa’s Dyke. I should perhaps make it plain that the photos I am posting here are lensed photos taken nearly twenty years ago. I am posting them as a thought-provoker for myself for a possible revisit with a pinhole camera. […]

Offa’s Dyke – revisiting a notebook

I am fascinated by the physical and mental processes of long journeys on foot. Physically, complete mobile self-sufficiency changes one’s view of what is essential in life when everything has to be carried. Lightweight cutlery, for example, assumes an unusual beauty for its marriage of function and efficient design. As does the strength and flexibility […]

Full Moon, New Year 2010

During a hiatus whilst I get to grips with photogravure, the New Year has been an opportunity to refresh, take stock and experiment with some digital imagery. This is my totem image for 2010, a beautiful moon full of hopes and desires for the coming months, gracing a sky studded with diamonds.

Paper negative – the underestimated medium

I have had a number of requests recently to explain the use of paper negatives in pinhole photography. What I describe here is of course not restricted to use in pinhole cameras but can be applied to any camera which can be modified to accept a non-standard negative. I have used paper negatives with extremely […]