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  Departure Those lips’ butterfly pause briefly on the skin then flower, drink until the ceaseless breeze lifts the fragment. Complex veins pulse against the light. Contre-jour is difficult, still beauty shines stronger against the rules. Cool gusts blow, show direction, pull the wings spreading before the sun which dries the drop so recent and […]


The announcement that Cumbria council has rejected plans for a massive nuclear waste dump at Ennerdale in the Lake District brought to mind a week I spent there last summer. What wonderful news to know that Wordsworth’s “still, sad music of humanity” will still be audible where humans meet the melancholy beauty of the wild.

Anvil, Polaroid pinhole

Fox’s cove

Earlier this year I spent a week at the coast, the Welsh west coast which with each visit feels more like home. One warm, sunny evening I packed a sleeping bag and a stove and headed for a remote, inaccessible beach to spend the night alone under the starry Spring sky. It was necessary to […]

Secret Still

I am still finding curious synchronicities between poems I have written and photographs I have made on quite distinct and separate occasions. The now obvious correspondences are frequently highlighted by other people or by ideas triggered whilst reading or looking at art work. These correspondences were not guessed at nor explicitly constructed at the time […]


Grey Wethers, solid granite

Solid, solid rock ancient temple wrapped in the fleetness of the wind serenaded by the hiss and sigh of the grass.

Heartland – The Rocks Remain

Dartmoor Pool

Blast-ruffled pool. Wild, wind-twisted sky. Racing air through heather. This yang-heavy land and the yin mind circle in perfect dance.

Whiteness, rising tide

I stood on the flat sand and made my exposure while the incoming waves petered out around me, the tripod legs cutting trails and swirls in the dying surges of water . On the horizon the wind was drawing clouds onto the sea and, as the breeze made me squint, the whole world seemed to […]