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RPS International Print Exhibition 2009

Finally, after three years of trying, I have had a pinhole photograph accepted into the highly-competitive Royal Photographic Society annual print exhibition. It has been an interesting process of entering and facing rejection for the work which I feel to be the most powerful I have produced whiist, at the same time, having my “snaps” […]

Dream of Flight live

Henry Blake played a fantastic set last night at the Blag Club in Ladbroke Grove. His thoughtful lyrics and melodic guitar playing made a beautiful complement to the pinhole photos projected behind the stage. I also got to meet some his fabulous, warm, creative friends. Now I’m looking forward to many more collaborations like this. […]

Dream of Flight on stage in London

London singer/songwriter Henry Blake is using my Dream of Flight series as artwork for his new CD “Songs for the Unknown” (due out imminently). He will be performing with eleven images (the complete series so far) back projected on the stage at the Blag Club, Ladbroke Grove, London, UK on Friday 14th November 2008. I […]

The Choice

The latest in my series “Dream of flight”.

“The Songbirds”

Will Parfitt, the publisher of “Into The Further Reaches” has kindly given permission for me to quote the full text of Claudine Whiting Bloomfield’s wonderful poem. The anthology can be bought online from PS Avalon “The Songbirds” We are all wounded, of course we are. Were it not so we would all fly heavenwards, a […]

Making “Dream of flight”

I have had several requests in the pinhole photography forum to elaborate on the thought processes behind the creation of this series of photographs and also to show the setups used. Fortunately, along the way I have catalogued my methods photographically and so have some photographs to show the mechanics behind some of the […]

Dream of flight – clipped

Dream of flight – clipped This whole series and this image in particular was inspired by a beautiful poem “The Songbirds” by Claudine Whiting Bloomfield.

Dream of flight – soaring

Dream of flight – soaring

Dream of flight – release

Dream of flight – release

Dream of flight – the breakthrough