Monthly Archives: January 2008

Climate change march, London, December 2007

Back in December 10,000 hardy souls braved the cold, rainy British December to take part in a consciousness-raising protest march through the streets of London. The march walked simultaneously with others around the globe and, although we all froze and stood for several hours beneath the heavy winter rain, it was an incredibly moving event. […]

Hearsall Common in winter

Is there an analog photographer alive who doesn’t have a backlog of films to develop and prints to make? How many gems do we have hidden away awaiting that spare moment which will bring them to life? Here’s one I like from a roll of HP5 I put through my one and only plastic toy […]

Bookbinder’s sewing frame

I’ve just finished the first of my larger bookbinding tools, the sewing frame. It is made of 4 parts. First,the cross bar, jigsawed, carved and sanded from a pine offcut. Second, the uprights comprising two 12″ pieces of 18mm pine dowel drilled eight times each ½” apart to hold two small pieces of whittled dowel […]


Horizon haiku Air calm, still loving. Smooth, flat line fades in and out of haze. Here to where?

Bookbinding tools take shape

The first of my tools are slowly being finished. The small ones to start, beginning with a bookbinder’s awl made from a small offcut of pine, shaped and sanded with a size 18 bookbinder’s needle inserted into a small pre-made hole. The eye was snapped off using pliers and the needle held in place using […]

Bookbinding paper for photos

At long last I have found a paper suitable for inkjet printing both text and photos which is light enough to bind using traditional sewing techniques. The paper is Tetenal Duo Print Paper 130gsm. It has a matt finish, can print double-sided and is available in sizes A4, A3 and A3+. Unfortunately, it does not […]

Bookbinding tools

I’ve come up with a bookbinding tool list, all of which I should be able to make myself. These are: an awl, a folder (traditionally made from bone but wood is OK too), a sewing frame, a press and tub, various boards to allow the piercing of the sewing holes and the support of the […]

What’s the best way to show your work?

Exhibitions are expensive to mount and only really reach a relatively small number of viewers (although they are good for the CV and the ego!) so I’ve come to the conclusion that books are the way to go. Having started with looking at Lulu I have finally decided that short run, self-bound books are really […]

New Year, new departure

I’m not one for new year resolutions but I’ve been meaning to get a blog up and running for several months now. It will be a place to show new work, experiments, and ideas. So to kick off here is a pinhole image made specifically for the new year posting. And here is the […]