Monthly Archives: February 2008

Still life in ice – final ice image for 2008

The ice has now all but melted, perhaps the last we will see round here for this year. I have gathered up the remains of the frozen objects to use again next time we have a UK freeze. The poppy stems here came out of the garden twisted by the strangling of bindweed.

Still life in ice

Here are the first initial scans from the paper negatives made at the week end. Skeletal magnolia leaves frozen in ice. Two mummified frogs. Ash seed pods. Egg shell and feather.

A day of pinhole photography

Yesterday 11.30pm: returned from a family day out under clear starry skies and the temperature plummeting to well below zero. It was cold enough to feel exceptional and definitely freezing to a level cold enough to embark on a project/experiment I have been planning for several months now. I part filled some developing trays with […]

Bookbinder’s press and tub

The press and tub is now complete, again following the plans from the Aldren Watson book. i used pine for the tub and some hardwood off-cuts from the local DIY shop for the press. I had some trouble finding the bolts, or rather finding bolts that were threaded full or nearly full length. In the […]

She without arm, he without leg – poetry in motion

This clip, while nothing to do with photography or books, is to me the embodiment of everything I could strive or hope for in art of whatever form. It is the triumph of spirit and mind over matter, captured on video. For me it ranks amongst one of the most powerful – and beautiful, there […]