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Making “Dream of flight”

I have had several requests in the pinhole photography forum to elaborate on the thought processes behind the creation of this series of photographs and also to show the setups used. Fortunately, along the way I have catalogued my methods photographically and so have some photographs to show the mechanics behind some of the […]

Dream of flight – clipped

Dream of flight – clipped This whole series and this image in particular was inspired by a beautiful poem “The Songbirds” by Claudine Whiting Bloomfield.

Dream of flight – soaring

Dream of flight – soaring

Dream of flight – release

Dream of flight – release

Dream of flight – the breakthrough

Dream of flight – opening the box of secrets

Opening the box of secrets

Dream of flight – Icarus waiting

Icarus waiting

Dream of flight – inventory


Dream of flight – Icarus’ plan

Icarus’ plan

Dream of flight

In the last week or so I have started work on a series of images to form part of a potential book/exhibition I am working on. I have become quite fascinated with the parallels between the desire to fly and the impulse towards spiritual enlightenment – leaving behind the heavy material realm, rising physically toward […]