Monthly Archives: August 2008

Return to deep

This summer I have started working on a new series of images which I hope will explore and reproduce the thoughts and emotions experienced near water and, in particular, the sea. Tentatively entitled “Return to deep”, this is the first draft of the first of the group made at the small beach of Aber Bach […]

Whisky still revisited

Working on the prints from my recent trip, I have become more and more fascinated by this curious, rounded copper, beautiful in shape, texture and situation. Most striking is the way that the unexpected and uncontrollable pinhole quirks – the flare and distortion – seem to have seized upon and made visible the atmosphere, at […]

Whisky still, Dyffryn Fernant

One of the wonderful sculptural objects in the garden of Dyffryn Fernant. I loved the way the water in the finely-balanced still reflected the sky and made it part of the garden itself.

Chris Tancock – Pembrokeshire

I’ve just returned from a stormy, wet seven days in the West of Wales. I had the joy of spending another week in the wonderful wild garden at Dyffryn Fernant. Equally inspiring was an unexpected encounter with local landscape photographer, Chris Tancock, who was exhibiting in the small coastal town of Newport. Chris’ work comprises […]