Monthly Archives: September 2008

Photography book symposium

I have booked my (free) ticket for the PhotographyBookNow symposium in London on Friday 10th October 2008. I’m not sure it is really aimed at hand binding of photo books but it looks fascinating. In any case, as I have had the intention of making of a book using for some time now I’m […]

Self with tree

Even as the September sun is shining, the morning chill today has my thoughts leading from autumn to winter. The wonderful sky is created by the vagaries of the pinhole process – though I’m still not sure how.

Berkswell church lamp

As autumn advances, I find my mood to be one of reflection and although I have a darkroom full of unworked negatives I have been reviewing some of my photos from the last year. I’m always amazed at what I ignore from a roll. I normally think that one good image from 120 and maybe […]


The beautiful autumn weather is nearly upon us. My heart always quickens at the approach of this lovely time of year. I especially love the breezes, smells and, of course the trees. This photo is one I have used as part of a diptych but seems to embody for me the effect of the winds […]

Stone, Aber Bach beach

I’m not sure about this one yet. The negative white space is what attracted me to start with and its contrast with the dark pinhole vignetting and the strong diagonal striations of the background.

Portfolio binder

I have been experimenting with hand-made folders and bindings for folios of prints. Constructed in the same way as the outer case or binding of a hardback book, such a folder really finishes off the presentation of a collection of artworks beautifully. My first style is made simply of bookbinder’s board covered in buckram with […]

Photographers to discover

When talking to Chris Tancock recently, I promised to come up with a list of photographers’ websites which, in my own opinion, are especially worth visiting. Not all those on my list are pinholers but most, in fact, are. A blog seems an eminently good place to publish this so here goes. I have no […]