Monthly Archives: December 2008

2008 – year of the pinhole

Can something as esoteric, marginal and, arguably, irrelevant as a narrow technique (pinhole) within a mass-medium of communication (photography) change the world for the better? I wouldn’t dare to make such grandiose claims. Nor twelve months ago would I have believed anybody who told me that to make a box out of old MDF with […]

Winter trees, rooks

I always love the intricacy of oaks against the leaden winter sky and the primeval, elemental cawing of rooks at dusk. It really is one the great joys of winter; a simple, subtle pleasure which never seems to diminish.

Aber Bach rock

I am preparing for the purchase of an etching press by finding what I think are suitable images for the process. This one of the beach at Aber Bach in Wales shows interesting tones in the sky and water plus a nice heavy pinhole vignette as a surround. It seems to be an ideal candidate […]