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Photography Book Now

Blurb have recently announced their “People’s Choice Award” in the 2009 PBN competition. Click on the badge to vote for “Infinity’s Edge”. Thank you!


Print. An image from Infinity’s Edge made with a Populist on HP5+. I have to admit this one is growing on me a lot, perhaps because of its location. It was exposed almost exactly on the spot where my son, Finn, had a sobering and terrifying experience when stumbling out his depth in a swirling […]

Infinity’s Edge 10×8 edition

A smaller format edition of the book is now available from the Blurb bookstore. Softcover prices from: $26.98 / £13.50 / €20.42 Infinity’s Edge 10×8 Edition By Mark Tweedie Book Preview


The retreating tide.

Infinity’s Edge published on Blurb

Last night I published “Infinity’s Edge” using Blurb online publishing. Sub-titled “Pinhole photographs from the Coast” it comprises a series of pinhole images made on the coast of Wales over the last two years sprinkled with some of my poetry. The book is in 13″ x 11″ large-format on premium-weight paper and can be previewed […]

Memories of the coast

Listening to Bruce Springsteen at Glastonbury last week with all the raw power of his performance made me think, as music often does, of photography. In particular, the roughness and honesty of rock music brought to mind pinhole photography. In contrast to the smoothness of the large-format images I have been working on recently, pinhole […]


Sometimes it is wonderful to leave the basic and rudimentary approach of pinhole behind to engage in a more crafted photography. My recent re-acquisition of a beautiful 4×5 Crown Speed Graphic has given me the chance to indulge myself once more with high-definition images. The prints which are possible from these large negatives are truly […]