Monthly Archives: August 2009

More inspiration from music

Thanks to Sandy for the feedback about a previous post I made regarding a wonderful presentation by Benjamin Zander where many of the exciting ideas he expounds, I feel, can be applied to photography (and indeed any art). Here is a performance by musician Sxip Shirey which embodies all the passion and power with which […]

Moonlight Departure

I should really have been in my darkroom but got sidetracked by a few experiments with a zone plate lens cap I made some time ago for my digital SLR.

Surging Tide

The surging tide made traces of white foam in swirls on the sand. Black rocks punctuated the smooth, water-swept beach. The pinhole camera saw shapes and textures the naked eye could not.

The Populist on Dartmoor

I have just returned from a backpacking and pinholing expedition to the wilds of Dartmoor in the English South West. I anticipated wet weather (and got plenty of it) so was glad to have made a waterproof housing from a discarded plastic box which used to hold business cards. One of the highlights of the […]