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Emma in hat

I can’t quite put my finger on the attraction of Polaroid borders but I love them with a passion. I suppose they are a reminder that the image really is an instantaneous snapshot of a fleeting moment and all the more valuable for this temporariness. Most of the great Polaroid photographs I have seen are […]

Dartmoor – Cow and Stone

Cow Stone

Emma with dandelion clock

Before launching into some pinhole work on a very precious box of Polaroid type 55, I thought I should test a couple of sheets which expired in 2002. To its credit it seems to have lost no film speed and still displays that wonderful tonality. The scan here is a rather poor rendition of a […]

Dartmoor – Grey Wethers

Dartmoor is an honest landscape washed by the Atlantic weather. Being there makes one feel whole and infused with the same basic honest joy of living embodied in the granite, peat, heather, gorse and clouds which are constant companions of the walker across its surface. In honour of this honesty, it strikes me that my […]

Dartmoor Journey

Back in July I spent four solitary days roaming the wet expanses of northern Dartmoor. As I had to carry everything necessary for survival in a potentially inhospitable climate I opted to reduce camera equipment to a Populist, a Gorillapod and a few rolls of 35mm film, total weight just a few ounces. I am […]

West Kennet exterior zone plates

Contrasting with the dark, calm, smooth greyness of the interior, the world outside the long barrow, on this warm and windy day, was glowing with colour and light.

West Kennet – more interiors

West Kennet Long Barrow

Zone plate images of the interior of this 4500 year-old burial chamber in Wiltshire. Having played around with a zone plate body cap on my digital camera I am starting to fall in love with colour once more. I tried these photographs in monochrome and felt that a substantial dimension was missing without the subtle […]


To keep hold of one’s sanity it is sometimes necessary to commune with the primeval; making contact with a dark, slimy tench is one way of escaping from the smoothness of 21st century living. Power, mystery, dignity, beauty; I sat in awe one evening admiring these qualities in the green flanks of the fish while […]