Monthly Archives: April 2010

Heather – World Pinhole Photography Day

My submission for this year’s World Pinhole Photography Day Paper negative, 50mm f150 4×5 camera (Chilli Camera)

Dartmoor – down from the high moor

Bellever and Powdermills: even in the lowlands, the atmosphere of the high moor is all around.

Offa’s Dyke III

Offa’s Dyke II

I feel slightly sheepish that I have had a few comments about my “pinholes” of Offa’s Dyke. I should perhaps make it plain that the photos I am posting here are lensed photos taken nearly twenty years ago. I am posting them as a thought-provoker for myself for a possible revisit with a pinhole camera. […]

Offa’s Dyke – revisiting a notebook

I am fascinated by the physical and mental processes of long journeys on foot. Physically, complete mobile self-sufficiency changes one’s view of what is essential in life when everything has to be carried. Lightweight cutlery, for example, assumes an unusual beauty for its marriage of function and efficient design. As does the strength and flexibility […]