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Silbury Hill

Swimmer at Gwalia Pool

Don Quixote

Evening. One day last week, after rain. I walked across the hill side and up to the top of Moel Eiddew to hear the wind blow unhindered and exorcise the fizz of the city in my head. On this low and unfrequented summit just south of the main bulk of Snowdonia I set up my […]

Grass-drawn curve

From a beautiful, sunlit, evening in the dunes of Aberdyfi, Wales. I am constantly astonished at the tonal range possible with paper negatives and at the sharpness obtainable with a well-made pinhole. 4×5 pinhole, paper negative. Click the image to view larger.

West Dart River – Swirling Water

The Dart is a beautiful companion, continually moving, tracing lines, shapes, geometries of its own. Descending into the shallow moorland valleys hear the high, embracing pitch of the constant breeze punctuated by its roaring and gurgling. To be near it means to drink, to bathe; cool respite; thirst slaked by cold, peaty water of life.