RPS International Print Exhibition

I was quite surprised today to receive an email from the Royal Photographic Society informing me that one of my prints had been selected for this year’s International Print Exhibition. It is always a great pleasure to have work accepted into this show which this year attracted 3000 entries and selected just 124. Although I was delighted to get the news, I was puzzled by the fact that what I deemed to be my strongest three pieces had been omitted (including my pinhole entry) and the photo I included for the sake of variety and which I didn’t count as “serious” work was the one to make it into the exhibition. Perhaps there is a message here for me!

Finns Knees
Finn’s Knees

The rejected photos were my pinhole “Still life in ice – magnolia leaves” and the two below which are digital images made at the same time as my pinhole equivalents. I think I lost my nerve when making my submission and felt that the lensed versions were more likely to be accepted than the pinhole versions. I should possibly have submitted the pinhole work with more confidence and conviction.

Poppies in ice - digital

Frogs in ice - digital


I have been slowly gathering together a collection of tree images as part of a series I hope to make into a book. Here is the first of the pinhole photos which will be part of the initial draft. I am using a 35mm Populist camera hand-held which has a wonderful perspective and, when not tripod-mounted at one half or one quarter second exposures, shows movement to add a hint of the dynamism of trees in the landscape.

Pinhole landscape: trees


From the same roll as the photos below, this turned out to be my favourite, perhaps because the content is so personal. The couple in the photo are my parents. I often find images like this hard to judge as it is impossible to gain a critical distance.

Pinhole self-portrait