Face in the trunk

Face in the trunk

Self-portrait with a wind-swept beech tree one day of freezing gales last March high on Roundway Hill in Wiltshire.

I have had a number of requests to include my lensed tree photography and not just pinhole photos on my website. I really feel that aesthetically the two styles don’t mix well at all so I have created another blog parallel to this one containing only tree photography of all types. As time goes by I will be adding to it from my past and current collections. It can be found at http://texturedbark.blogspot.com

Silver birch with grasses

Birch with grasses

Over the Christmas period I had the opportunity to use for the first time the beautiful spalted hawthorn camera which was made for me by Mark Goddard. The light this day was soft but directional. The waving twigs made the dry grasses on the floor of the wood shimmer and glow.

Fish #2

Fish in ice

I frequently debate in my mind whether images need words or not. This photo and the one I posted the other day both seem better without words of explanation. Their addition merely serves to shatter the essential mystery of the subject.