More inspiration from music

Thanks to Sandy for the feedback about a previous post I made regarding a wonderful presentation by Benjamin Zander where many of the exciting ideas he expounds, I feel, can be applied to photography (and indeed any art). Here is a performance by musician Sxip Shirey which embodies all the passion and power with which an artist can imbue his or her work. I have watched this many times and it never fails to take my breath away. Pure magic.

Surging Tide

Surging Tide

The surging tide made traces of white foam in swirls on the sand. Black rocks punctuated the smooth, water-swept beach. The pinhole camera saw shapes and textures the naked eye could not.

The Populist on Dartmoor

I have just returned from a backpacking and pinholing expedition to the wilds of Dartmoor in the English South West. I anticipated wet weather (and got plenty of it) so was glad to have made a waterproof housing from a discarded plastic box which used to hold business cards. One of the highlights of the trip was an afternoon I spent in the quiet of the twisted, mossy oaks at Wistman’s Wood. I have visited this ancient woodland many times but never fail to be awed by the beauty and reverence-inspiring atmosphere.