Exhibitions are expensive to mount and only really reach a relatively small number of viewers (although they are good for the CV and the ego!) so I’ve come to the conclusion that books are the way to go. Having started with looking at Lulu I have finally decided that short run, self-bound books are really the best option. I was not completely impressed with the reproduction or the paper quality with Lulu although it is hard to knock their offering with the cheap prices and simplicity.

So here is the plan: learn to hand bind hardback books for the ultimate print and picture quality and have preview or mass-market (Oh to have a mass market!) editions made using Lulu.

9 thoughts on “What’s the best way to show your work?

  1. Thanks Odile, I’ll keep you posted. I must admit that I am erring away from Lulu as an option at the moment. I find that with photography the print quality for me is paramount and hand-printed, hand-bound works are streets ahead of anything an online service could match. There is another service I have heard recommendations for called Blurb (www.blurb.com). It might be worth following up what they do.

  2. If you print and bind our own book, that’s a work or art in itself. If you make the book binding tools , you could also make the paper for the book also. Then you can have an interesting exhibit and publish another book explaining the birth of the first book.
    By the way which prints do you plan to include in the book?
    Have fun.

    PS: We were very moved by the video of the Chinese dancers with one arm and one leg and also by the Indian signer with no leg. Unbelievable!

  3. Mark, I’ve heard Blurb is a better quality than Lulu but I totally get the hand printing and binding thoughts, that way you get total control over the whole process and it’s probably the only way you can be really happy with it.
    I look forward to seeing whatever you do.

    1. Yes, Vicky, my experience is that Blurb is better. I have just uploaded my first book there and I am looking forward to seeing what comes back.

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