Ash tree

The beautiful autumn weather is nearly upon us. My heart always quickens at the approach of this lovely time of year. I especially love the breezes, smells and, of course the trees. This photo is one I have used as part of a diptych but seems to embody for me the effect of the winds on the trees in the early part of the season. Oddly enough, it wasn’t taken in autumn but in early summer It hasn’t been until now that it has started to speak to me and I now realise that, in the wonderful pinholy way, the oak 8×10 camera I used had actually pictured another season.


I have been slowly gathering together a collection of tree images as part of a series I hope to make into a book. Here is the first of the pinhole photos which will be part of the initial draft. I am using a 35mm Populist camera hand-held which has a wonderful perspective and, when not tripod-mounted at one half or one quarter second exposures, shows movement to add a hint of the dynamism of trees in the landscape.

Pinhole landscape: trees

Hearsall Common in winter

Is there an analog photographer alive who doesn’t have a backlog of films to develop and prints to make? How many gems do we have hidden away awaiting that spare moment which will bring them to life? Here’s one I like from a roll of HP5 I put through my one and only plastic toy camera, its lens suitably distressed by fingers and sandpaper, moving it towards the magic of pinhole whilst retaining the instant practicality of the lens and shutter.

Hearsall Common, Coventry, oak and crow

Hearsall Common, Coventry, oak and crow, December 2007