A catalogue of my images from the Edinburgh Pinhole Photography Festival is now available from my online bookstore.

It comprises thirty-eight pages showing all eleven images plus an additional section with photographs and technical information on paper negatives, cameras, materials and studio set ups. The purchase price is £7.99.

To preview or purchase, click the image below:


2 thoughts on “Dream of Flight catalogue

  1. Great news that a book of your images from the Pinhole Exhibition at the Botannic Gardens, Edinburgh is available. I’ve now bought it and look forward to receiving it very much. I went along to the exhibtion with a friend and we had a great time both looking at the images and making some of our own. I may even have converted my up-to-now strictly digital friend to the way of the pinhole and film/paper :-)
    I’m a big admirer of your work and like the blog very much too.

    1. Thanks for the comments, Lucy, and I’m glad you found the pinhole photo festival so stimulating. I hope you find the book just as good and if it sparks off any creative ideas I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Unfortunately, for me lack of time is pushing me away from film and towards digital! I suspect it may only be temporary…

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