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September 4, 2008

When talking to Chris Tancock recently, I promised to come up with a list of photographers’ websites which, in my own opinion, are especially worth visiting. Not all those on my list are pinholers but most, in fact, are. A blog seems an eminently good place to publish this so here goes. I have no doubt missed off many wonderful artists and they are in no particular order. The comments are mine…


Katie Cooke – wonderful thought-provoking pinhole self-portraits.

Gregg Kemp – inventive and insightful work, especially his lunar images.

Sean Duggan – polished and intriguing pinhole images.

Wayne Belger – the medium is the message, mind-blowing and fascinating cameras and images.

Bethany de Forest – finely-crafted, astonishing scenarios and dioramas.

Patrick Caloz – master of the townscape, look out for his Venice series. Stunning landscapes too.

Pierre-Olivier Boulant – continually interesting representations of the everyday.

Scott Speck – breathtaking super-wide images of architecture.

Danny Kalkhoven – strong colour work.

Chris Ellingerthe master of Zone Plate.


Dorothy Shoes – quirky, imaginative, engaging, full of fun.

Bill Schwab – beautiful minimalism.

Katie Cooke – perceptive, crafted lensed portraits.

Susan Burnstine – toy camera images full of soul and texture.

Ken Merfeld – words cannot express the staggeringly emotive effect of his work. Superlatives are insufficient.

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