Photographic Inspirations

October 15, 2010

A few months ago I posted a list of photographers I had found especially thought-provoking and, having discovered some really inspiring artists recently, now seems a good time to repeat the exercise. I have deliberately chosen photographers who do not use pinhole cameras as their primary means of image-making. To be too introspective in terms of method becomes stultifying and leads to sterility. (The same applies to media, so perhaps I should come up with a list of painters, sculptors, composers and designers too.)

What interests me in all these photographers is that their artistic power exists not simply in the photography itself. The photographs they make, although exquisite as an aesthetic expression in themselves, are made complete by the beauty of the emotions and concepts they explore. They all demonstrate a deeply meditative aspect which acts as a magnifier to the intense awareness they develop in the process of their creativity.

Fascinating, too, is the intimacy they display which I feel makes their  photographs eminently suited to viewing on screen or in book form. I have not seen any of these works in a gallery but such an environment might be too public to give as satisfactory an artist-viewer dialogue as the small-scale setting of the book or computer. Perhaps I am overstating the case but I am sure that visiting the links below you will see some of the clarity of vision they demonstrate and how individual and original their work. 

Andrew Beckham

Deborah Parkin

Al Davalle 

Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski

Gavin C Maxwell

Karin Rosenthal


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