Portfolio binder

September 13, 2008

I have been experimenting with hand-made folders and bindings for folios of prints. Constructed in the same way as the outer case or binding of a hardback book, such a folder really finishes off the presentation of a collection of artworks beautifully.

My first style is made simply of bookbinder’s board covered in buckram with a printed label pasted to the front. The inner of the folder has foldout edges made from heavy-grade watercolour paper or acid-free sketching paper to prevent the prints from slipping out when the folder is closed. Everything is fixed shut by a ribbon which is inserted and pasted into small slits in the covering material on the front and back. There is no spine to this folder which is perfect for small numbers of prints.

For collections of larger numbers of prints a spine is necessary to prevent the folder from compressing and possibly damaging the contents. This version with a 3/4 inch spine can comfortably hold 15 prints or more on 310gsm paper. The construction shown here is slightly different as I wanted to inlay the title plate. The front cover is made of two boards pasted together, the top one having a window cut out of the same size as the name plate. This inlaid section will hold the title plate and prevent it from standing proud of the surface and being damaged by anything else which it rubs against.

Front cover

Inside the folder

Inlaid title plate

I initially wanted the plate to be a brass etching. However, having spent many hours testing (and failing) some of the many suggestions available on the web for using toner transfer to create an etching mask, I have given up! I would love to pursue this further when time permits but so far I have come no where near the result I envisaged.


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