Where we scattered the ashes

My family and I recently scattered the ashes of my parents on the slopes of Blencathra in the Lake District. Under beautiful skies, it was a poignant, but not sad day, full of chat and reflections and simple happiness at just being there. As my brother and I stood in contemplation in the breeze, my sister-in-law was astonished to see two ravens circling over our heads whilst we stood completely unaware.

6 thoughts on “Where we scattered the ashes

    1. Thank you, Lucy. It was indeed a simple and rather special day. Such times provide a touchstone and foundation for anchoring one’s sanity and focus on the important things in what seems to be an increasingly frantic and busy world. I had a lot more to say but somehow a short and simple blog post seemed really much more eloquent.

  1. your work/blog always gives me a sense of calm, a sense of perspective about my life, about life.
    Our lives are so fleeting – so momentary, especially when looking at where you are standing – thinking of the thousands of people who have walked these hills – passing through. This is a beautiful reminder of our mortality – but not a morbid one.

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